Audio Planet primarily revolves around its founder, Mr. Palani, whose passion for audio drew him from a civil engineering background to be an ardent student of acoustics and the psychoacoustics of rooms and sound equipment.

In his own words, “While technological knowledge is very important and I am happy to be adept at it, the technical knowledge about acoustics or the equipments is just a small stepping stone towards understanding sound signatures of rooms or that of equipments.  If self-realization or nirvana on what sound signature is the best for oneself is a milestone, understanding what nirvana in sound means to another person is a significant journey by itself.”  This journey is what Mr. Palani claims to have thought him how to understand the likes and dislikes of a customer when the customer himself is not able to find words to express his preference, a journey through which Mr. Palani has learnt to attribute musical synonyms to various body languages or expressions of a listener.

Mr. Palani humbly rates the ability to relate to these absolute abstract parameters of equipment–listener pairing as being lot more important than the ability to differentiate equipment on the basis of paper specifications such as speaker sensitivity, speaker frequency range, impedance curve, frequency amplitude curves, dispersion angles, amplifier THD, slew rating of amplifiers, damping factor of amplifiers, etc.  As wise people have said, “true selling can only happen if the sales guy truly believes in the worth of the product sold.”  A true music aficionado himself and eternal student of studio recording techniques, Mr. Palani says he only chooses products for sale only if he is sure of buying the product himself as an end user at the price that is being sold by him.  In other words, while it is worthwhile to buy a brand, one should be cautious of how much he is paying for the brand value alone.

A certification of completion from CEDIA University awarded to him for having completed the course on audio set up and calibration in 2009 and a certification by THX (THX HOME THEATER EDUCATION PROGRAM -HOME THEATER LEVEL 1 and 2) in 2011 is regarded by him as just another step in the endless learning curve that he is a part of.


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