Need Analysis

Need Analysis

Equipments have miniscule margin for error when reproducing stereo audio content in comparison with the multi-channel movie content. The reason being the sound content in movies is more often than not related to noise. E.g., Car chase, war sequences, explosions, action or violent sequences. etc. The need for ones system to be Fidelity compliant increases with the one’s inclination towards stereo. This does not mean that home theatre systems need not be of high fidelity but means that the fidelity requirements of a home theatre system is not as stringent as that of a Hi-fidelity stereo systems.

The lack of a reference benchmark on the nature of such sounds in reality may allow for some relaxation on fidelity norms in home theatre equipments. However, home theatre systems warrant a host of other features which is not discussed here. In a nut-shell ones leaning towards stereo listening or towards home theatre experience may decide which product will be optimum for him. It also means that different yardsticks need to be applied in evaluating systems depending on the end user’s prerequisite. We pride ourselves in having helped a lot of budding audiophiles in beginning their endless journey of product/sound signature evaluation in an eternally improving audio video industry.


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