Customised Home Theaters

Customised Home Theaters

The term customised home theatre comprises of various aspects. Understanding the term customisation from the home theatre perspective will be incomplete without seamless understanding of the following factors ;
1. First parameter is the proposed seating numbers within the home theatre
2. Understanding the Home theater layout including the dimensions and the shape of the room (volume and geometry of the room).
    a) dimensions of the home theatre room-volume
    b) height:width:length proportions of the room - geometry of the room
    c) Actual component placement. ( speakers, projector, screen)
    d) The Surround sound formats employed for reproduction of the Audio tracks
3. Acoustics design sound treatment and sound isolation. The science of absorption, diffusions, reflections and isolation.
4. Component selection - again based on umpteen factors.
    a) Audio components to complement the audio goals of the home theatre, viz, true resolution, optimum localization of sound versus seamless movement, the right balance of expanse versus articulation, etc.,
    b) video components to meet the video goals of the home theatre, viz, realistic colour to vibrant hues with optimum contrast and natural brightness to name a few.
    c) component integration to work cohesively as a team complimenting each other's strengths and making the most of the reason for which the components have been chosen.
5. Calibration for perfection. Just connecting the components is not done. Calibrating the components is the key to deriving the optimal results from your systems.
6. A personalised approach to package all of the above, with an eye for aesthetic elegance.
7.Most important of all the above list of parameters - A thorough understanding of the tangible and the intangible needs of the clients, after educating them about how to arrive at the needs.

Each of the above parameters are inseparably interconnected and are always to be looked into with relativity to other parameters.Each of the above parameters can run into multiple pages of information, depending on the interest, and depth the client wants to get into. We at Audioplanet are ever so committed to the science of home theatres, the foundational fundamentals of home theatres, the nuances that define perfection for fully functional home theatres in an elegant room decor. Customisation is not a marketing jargon at Audioplanet. it's a way of life for us!


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