High end audio/video and the concept of a budget is a myth.  Mr. Palani and his team do a wonderful job of doing a balancing act between these parameters and are able to give a practical value for money proposition to experience this world of magic tailored to your listening pattern/viewing pattern.  My pleasant experience with them has always been substantiated by the fact that recommend quality equipment give me quality service and the most important aspect for me has always been their ability to listen to your needs as opposed to telling you what you want.  Great job guys.

Wishing them the very best in all their future ventures.

The finer points which make a huge impact on a home theatre system or a stereo music setup brought out very lucidly by Mr. Palani of Audio Planet convinced me of his really true "audiophile" intentions compared to the purely commercial oriented tips I got elsewhere.  Audio Planet is now my preferred destination for anything musical.

All the best to Palani & Audio Planet.

I would highly recommend Mr. Palani for any audio/video needs.  When we first started looking for a good home theater system, he came to us highly recommended by close relatives.  Mr. Palani was incredibly knowledgeable, thoroughly professional and importantly patiently worked with us while we selected the TV and other equipment for the home theater.  Mr. Palani explained the subtle nuances and differences between various systems and helped us choose the right product.  What is amazing is that even 6 years after we bought the systems everything sounds great and it has served us a very long time.

To us what took it over the top was the truly exceptional service he delivered after he sold the system.  Of course, it was given that he would install the system and supervise the setup first time.  It so happened that we had to move 4 times over the last few years, each and every time Mr. Palani and his team of technicians helped on the disassembly and the re-assembly.  This was truly exemplary especially given how unprofitable it was of his time.  To say that I am impressed would be understating it.  I have not seen this type of fantastic customer service anywhere in the world.  He does it genuinely!

Happy to recommend him, and we have done so several times to our friends and relatives. They echo the same sentiments.

Most influential person in the AV Business.  True meaning of dedication can be felt when a customer walks in to his place and take a demo.  Highest quality being - He never ever qualifies a customer to part his knowledge.  Customers leave his place with only one doubt in mind "how can this guy be so informative."  It is an asset to have him around for any technical issue (being very small world - any of my customers who read this testimonial will now wonder why I always revert back to them at a later time for tricky techy questions.

I was referred to Mr. Palani of Audio Planet from my cousin Mr. Namith of Gayathri and Namith Associates' office about 3 years back, before which I had met numerous home theatre consultants, been to every exhibition of every AV equipments all over the country and in Bangalore also.  I must say I got my answers and exactly what I needed from Mr. Palani.  He is just a "GENIUS" when it comes to sound and picture.  Nobody and trust me nobody can explain audio sound as mathematically as Mr. Palani does.  I was bowled over by his passion to his profession when he set up my home theatre, even if the nail had moved an inch from the stated position he would pull up his boys and would ask them to do it again.  Such commitment is just unthinkable in today's market.  I would gladly recommend anybody to Audio Planet for their home theatre needs.  Keep up the great work Mr. Palani.  All the very best:)

Dear Mr. Palani, my meeting with you couple of months ago greatly helped me to understand the science and choices of the Audio systems and tips and techniques of audio listening. Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful knowledge.

The combination of Marantz Integrated Amp, CD player and the Monitor speakers you recommended and supplied to me are just perfect for my listening.

I sincerely appreciate your approach of educating the customer first and allowing them to make their choice.

I would certainly recommend to those seeking to buy a good audio system to meet with you to make the right choice.

Thanks and Best Wishes.

I have been engaging the services of Audio Planet from several years and have been more than satisfied with Mr. Palani's technical expertise regarding home theatre solutions. Prior to this I had tried out several other outfits but have never really been happy with the after sales services or their expertise. What I really like about Audio Planet is the prompt attendance to problems and the willingness to go out of their way if required, for technical help . I wish Mr. Palani and Audio Planet all the best.

We were keen on setting up a 5.1 surround audio system in Bangalore and we chanced upon Audio Planet through Google.  After understanding our requirement, Audio Planet presented us with a combo offer of Mezzo System A, which to our surprise was within our budget and worked beautifully for us.

After moving from Europe to India, we were looking for sound system dealers in Bangalore who sold European audio products and surprisingly we found the best of European sound systems at Audio Planet.  Mr. Palani was very helpful in explaining each and every product and comparing them.  We settled for Triangle Galaxy 2 satellite speakers with Denon AVRX AVRX.

When it came to buying a home theater system, Audio Planet was the obvious choice for me as I had done the car audio with them and was extremely satisfied.  I would rate Audio Planet amongst the best audio dealers in Bangalore, purely for their knowledge, customer understanding, and providing products that’s within the budget.

If you are looking for best sound systems in Bangalore, Audio Planet is the right place.  We were introduced to Audio Planet through common friends and out of curiosity we went to Audio Planet to check out the sound systems they had.  We were so impressed with their range of world class brands and products, we ended up buying a home theater system, though we never visited with a plan to buy one.  If you are a music fan, a visit to Audio Planet is highly recommended.

Dear palani sir, never got such an accurate solution to my dilemma. Never seen anyone take a problem, diagnose it component wise, show the options, and come out with the most viable one. Hats off!


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