Our cognizance of complete sound engineering is what differentiates us from our adversaries. If you share our passion in providing advanced audio experience to sound fanatics across the globe, Audio Planet is the organization to embrace.

Audio Planet has collaborations with some of the finest brands in the world. We are in constant exploration of Home Theaters/Audio Peripherals that qualifies the profile of our trademark brands. If you feel your product ensembles our description, we are open to associate and promote your products. Partnering with Audio Planet would provide the ideal platform in identifying the potential clientele and reaching them effectively.

Audio Planet has an urbanite presence in the heart of Bangalore. Having captured the silicon city clientele, we are planning to expand our services to enrich the listening experience across the country. Audio Planet offers a unique and promising business option as a franchise to capture the market firsthand. If you share our mutual passion and interested to be a franchise of Audio Planet, please contact us for further information.

Audio Planet invites alliances from Architects and Interior Designers to help them understand acoustic significance in designing. Since room structure configuration and interior designing is integral in producing the desired sound effect, Audio Planet provides perfect platform for extending business opportunities with Architects and Designers.

If you are an establishment in fringes of launching home Theaters/audio peripherals, Audio Planet can be a model stage to launch your potential products through us. A fresh company associating with Audio Planet would provide the critical identity to your brand.

If you wish to be a part of Audio Planet at any of the above mentioned capacity, please contact us and we shall reach you soon.


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