Professional Acoustics Design Consultants

Acoustical Design

Most buyers want the best home theaters but have little or no knowledge about the physics of sound replication such as acoustic environment, sound amplification, speaker configuration, etc. Installing a home theater without acoustic design might result in a highly muddled, echoing and dull listening experience with disappointing sound quality.

Listening room construction and acoustic design has a significant effect on how the room will sound. In fact, these elements account for a majority of the home theatre’s performance.

It is best to consult an Acoustic Consultant before buying a high-end system for your homes. A qualified acoustic consultant can not only identify and fix the potential problems but can also suggest ways to improve the room's design layout.

We are professional audio consultants who work with the best of architects and interior designers. We work on each detail of the listening room in order to enhance the overall experience of the home theatre system.

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